Consumer Solutions

To recognize outstanding mobile solutions or applications that target on consumer market. Mobile applications that facilitate productivity or lifestyle of the mass market, including all kinds of productivity tools, fitness/sports, e-learning/ebook, information, networking, etc.

Enterprise Solutions

To recognize outstanding solutions available on mobile applications that target the business and enterprise market of different industries, including applications that facilitate sales, work efficiency, communication, market performance etc. of enterprises

Marketing Campaign

To recognize outstanding Advertising and Marketing Campaign executed through mobile applications that promote campaigns, brands, services or products

Special Mention

To recognize Creative and Innovative application, to appreciate Start-up Company and to encourage the development of Online-to-Offline (O2O) Application, apart from the above Award Streams, there are also several special recognitions. Each applicant to the above award streams can nominate its entry for the below Special Mention(s) (if applicable):

  • Most Creative and Innovative Application (allparticipating companies will be automatically enrolled in this special mentioned award)
  • Best Online-to-Offline Application
  • Start-up Company1 (company established not before 21 Jan 2014) (under the section of special recognition)

Mobile applications refer to application running on smartphone platform, Tablet PC, e.g. Android, bada, Blackberry OS, iOS, OMS, Symbian OS, webOS, Windows Mobile, etc.


1. “Start-up Company” Special Mention aims to recognize the best participating companies with history of not more than 3 years for their excellence in mobile application and technology development or businesses.

Official call for entries

Closing date for entries

Categories’ Awards Presentation Ceremonies
2017.03.27 – 2017.03.31

Awards Presentation Ceremony