During the course of evaluation, assessors may require access to relevant information in the entrant’s possession and access to the entrant’s premises. The entrant will be notified in advance if such access is required. Any information supplied by the entrant for the purpose of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 will be treated as confidential, and will not be released by the Organiser and related parties without the entrant’s permission.

The Organiser will select those applicants that are eligible and provide complete information to the Assessment Stage.

All eligible applicants are required to make 10-minute presentation on their submission(s) to the Assessors; At most 5 applications at most will be short-listed in each award stream for the Judging Stage.

The short-listed applicants are required to make 10-minute presentation on their submission to the Judging Panel, which will allocate different awards to appropriate applicants.

The decision of the Judging Panel is final.

Official call for entries

Closing date for entries

Categories’ Awards Presentation Ceremonies
2017.03.27 – 2017.03.31

Awards Presentation Ceremony